Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace single teeth, multiple single teeth or to support full or partial dentures. Implants are not for everyone. You must be in good general health, have healthy gums and enough bone in your jaw to support the implants.

You must be willing to see Dr. Beer and the specialist several times until the work is done, and take very good care of your implants. In addition, implants normally cost more than other kinds of replacement teeth.

It’s normal for bone to shrink if it no longer has teeth to support. Because an implant is placed into the bone, the bone is less likely to shrink. But if you have been missing teeth for some time, you may not have enough bone to support an implant. A bone graft can build up the bone so it can support an implant.

How an implant is done

  1. First, Dr. Beer and the specialist will determine if you are a good candidate for implants. They will need to take x-rays to determine how much bone structure you have.
  2. Once you have made the decision the specialist will place the implant, any bone grafting that needs to be done.
  3. You will continue to see the specialist as he requires and come to our office every 3 months for an x-ray to evaluate if the implant is adhering to the bone
  4. Once it has been determined that your implant is in fact adhering to the bone the specialist will place a healing collar over the implant
  5. You will then return to our office for final restoration and we will place a crown over the implant
  6. Total time for this procedure is anywhere from 4 months to 1 year which is determined on your healing time.
  7. Advantages: you will no longer have a missing tooth, and this tooth will not decay

Because implants stick to the bone, false teeth attached to implants look and act much like natural teeth. You must keep your implant very clean by gently brushing and flossing all sides of your implants. A toothbrush that has longer bristles at the tip may help clean behind your implant. Floss very carefully around the implant at least once a day; make sure you floss gently where the implant meets the gum tissue.

Implants and Partial or Full Dentures

With all the new technology now you do not have to wrestle with your full or partial dentures simply place implants. You will need to discuss with Dr. Beer and the specialist where they recommend the implants be placed. If your denture is slipping and you’re tired of using adhesives talk with Dr. Beer about implants, it may just change your life. How it works is the implants are placed just as above, the only difference is when you are complete you will have a new denture to replace the old one that snaps onto the implants. This holds them in place without using denture adhesives.

It will also help maintain the bone because as we age we lose more bone. With all teeth or some of your teeth missing the process of loosing bone is advanced. Over time the amount of bone loss may make it difficult to wear any type of denture due to the loss of the ridge under the gum. An implant with dentures is an exciting way to make you feel confident and your smile bright. Ask Dr. Beer about the over denture today.

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