LumiBrite Teeth Whitening

Lumibrite before and afterLUMIBRITE bleach-free teeth whitening brings patients into your office with fast, safe and professional whitening that is completely bleach-free – eliminating sensitivity – and produces predictable results that your patients will love.

For predictable results that you can control, choose LUMIBRITE Bleach-Free Whitening.

  • Choose from Natural, White and Supreme White.
  • Pain-free, zero-sensitivity whitening
  • Beautiful, white smiles in fewer than 30 minutes of treatment time
  • No lengthy isolation or potentially dangerous UV rays
  • Long-lasting results.up to 6 months
  • Professional procedure not available over-the-counter or in a mall

If you have any questions about LumiBrite teeth whitening or any other dentistry questions please feel free to contact us as we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

3 Simple steps to Lumibrite Teeth Whitening

  1. Uniquely formulated polishing paste prepares the surface.
  2. Three pigmented crystal finishes available to create a white smile.
  3. Natural gloss coating that adds vitality and prolongs treatment results.

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