Under Armour Mouthwear

Authorized Under Armour Provider We are proud to announce that Dr. Beer has been certified to offer a unique and incredible product to you. The Under Armour Mouthwear is powered by Armourbite Technology.

This new product has been engineered to unlock your true power and potential. It’s all in you, but blocked by one of the human body’s instinctive reflex systems, teeth clenching.

With safe, custom-built Performance Mouthwear, athletes in any sport–from football to golf, hockey to running, yoga to baseball–can capitalize on this innovation that reduces Cortisol (the stress hormone) and Lactic Acid, helping to increase a persons performance levels.

There are three types of UA mouthwear

  1. Mouthguards (for contact sports)
  2. Mouthpiece (for non-contact sports)
  3. Mouthguards with helmut straps

UA Mouthwear Advantages

Independent studies conducted at some of the nation’s top universities and research centers have proven the undeniable advantages of UA Performance Mouthwear.

  • Increases Strength
    With improved airflow and less stress from clenching, UA Performance Mouthwear has been proven to increase strength by an average of 17% with the UA Mouthpiece and 12% with the UA mouthguard.
  • Under Armour PictureIncreases Endurance
    UA mouthwear enlarges airway openings, resulting in 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes of intense exercise.
  • Speeds Up Reaction Time
    Athletes may respond faster when wearing UA mouthwear. Clinical trials show an improvement in responding to auditory cues and potential improvement in response to visual cues.
  • Reduces Athletic Stress
    Excess cortisol causes stress, fatigue and distraction. UA mouthwear decreases cortisol production, which means you feel & play better.
  • Reduces Impact
    When the jaw suffers an impact, energy can be transmitted to the head, which can cause concussion. UA mouthguards have been shown to reduce the G-Force impact of blows to the jaw by up to 20%.

These mouthguards retail for $495. We are offering our introductory price to our patients of only $299. If you have a team or group who will order 10 or more mouthguards together we will give a group discount of as little as $199 each.

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