White Colored Fillings

White colored fillings (composite resin fillings) are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to repair your teeth. This material is placed into or on your teeth and hardened (cured) with a light.

This material is approved for both front and back teeth and helps eliminate the leakage that so often has happened with the old “silver (amalgam)” fillings.

How it is done

  1. Dr. Beer will remove all of the decay/old filling if there is any
  2. He will place a mild chemical on your tooth which helps the composite filling to stick better to the enamel of your tooth
  3. A coating of resin adhesive is painted onto or inside your tooth and hardend with special light
  4. Dr. Beer will place the composite filling material onto your tooth in layers
  5. A special light will be used to cure the composite filling material
  6. After the last layer of composite material has hardened (cured), Dr. Beer will shape and polish the filling so that it will appear as your own natural tooth.
  7. Your filling is now complete

The bonding process uses a resin adhesive to bond the composite to the enamel of your tooth.


  • Bonded filling to the teeth allows us to conserve more tooth structure
  • Bonded fillings adhere to the inside of the tooth structure lending it strength
  • Bonded fillings reduce the amount of leakage
  • Bonded fillings are the natural color of your tooth
  • Bonded fillings can be used on children as well as adults
  • Bonded fillings are long lasting if they are taken care of with your at home care

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